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60 years with same devotion and excitement from the world of water onto your table...

Group Sagun, is a Group of Companies with 6 different companies, 8 production facilities across the Turkey and runs its business in the fields of aquaculture, production, exportation and importation. Group Sagun is well known Group in both domestic and foreign market with its strong brands and provides seafood products to retail and wholesale chains and sales points. Currently it owns 1st private fish market in Europe and is managed by 3rd generation.

From the beginning of its trade it’s been continuously grown up and spread activities on all seafood area focusing on Agriculture, Production and Exportation. As leading Seafood Group in our country we have direct contribution and impact during the transformation of Fishery to Industry.

Marines is one of our Group companies which is established in 2005 as a marketing company in local market. 

Today Marines has one of the highest brand awareness and impact on Turkish people’s seafood consumption habits. Company’s product range consists of more than 200 different products and has been updated continuously.

Marines products are distributed through supermarket chains, HORECA sales channels and Distributors across the country. Metro, Carrefour, Real, Tesco-Kipa, Tansaş are some chains where Marines products could be found.

Company has strong fleet for Reefer vehicles and distributing channels all around the Turkey.

Marines products are on market shelves with special Marines packages.


To continue its Leading Company position in Seafood Area by affecting Turkish People’s seafood consumption habits with its strong Distribution Channels, Professional Staff, Regional Head Offices and Distributors.


To supply Natural and High Quality seafood products into the market, make them attainable and widespread and increase consumption of seafood species. 

About Marines

Group Sagun has been dealing with Seafood production and exportation since 1960. Currently Sagun Group is among top 500 Manufacturing companies in Turkey and in 2012 was awarded as a leading Seafood Exporter.